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BabyTV teams up with the Hong Kong Bureau of Education to launch Hong Kong’s first guidebook for parenting in the digital age


BabyTV and the Hong Kong Bureau of Education (EDB) have launched a guidebook designed to help parents make better media choices for their children, and encourage them to maximize the benefits of children’s TV and media use through involvement and improved mediation. Titled: ‘Growing Together: Making the most of TV for toddlers’ the book will be distributed to parents at all kindergardens across Hong Kong.

The Guidebook was created following a survey, carried out in Hong Kong by BabyTV with the objective of exploring the media-habits and concerns of local parents. The Survey, conducted in July and August 2009, concluded that while over 90% of parents use screen media with their children, most are relatively unaware of what constitutes an age-appropriate program.

Created by BabyTV in conjunction with the Education Bureau, and co-written with consultants who are recognized experts in the medical and education professions in Hong Kong, the guidebook presents a step by step approach to choosing toddler TV content, it provides succinct and practical tips for parents to enhance the benefits of their child’s media use, and offers a guide on viewing times. The Education Bureau will distribute the guidebook to all kindergartens from Jan 8, 2010 onwards. As a second stage, the EDB will encourage parents to pick up the book from EDB locations around Hong Kong.

BabyTV has also made the information available on its website , where parents can find details of the early-learning skills that each BabyTV programme relates to, as well as tips and guidance for furthering their child’s tv experience both on and off the screen.

‘As a growing international brand it is our mission to reach out to audiences, not only to gain an insight into local parenting trends and modern family needs, but also to connect with parents and keep them ahead of the curve when it comes to engaging their child with new media,’ said Maya Talit, Marketing Director of BabyTV. ‘This survey and guidebook, are the latest in a variety of on-ground, community-wide programmes that BabyTV is currently conducting in our efforts to develop a meaningful ongoing channel of communication between BabyTV and new families.’

Both the guidebook and survey were presented at a press conference in Hong Kong last week, in the presence of local experts, the Education Bureau, and local celebrities.

Key Experts Involved:

  • Dr Au-yeung Cheuk-lun, Henry, Specialist in Paediatrics
  • Karen Yiu, Centre-in-charge, Kornhill Children Centre, The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
  • Lorraine Pak, Senior Lecturer, Department of Child Education and Community Services, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

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