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Learning Games for Kids


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Have fun at the BabyTV amusement park which is full of games, puzzles and rewards.
Perfect for liitle ones, this app features games like color recognition, matching, sorting, numeracy and much more!


* Over 100 different levels

* Loveable characters from the popular show ‘Hippa Hippa Hey’ by BabyTV

* Fun animations and sounds

* Child friendly interface

* Themes include - Colors, Clothing, Professions, Fruits and Vegetables and many more!

The free version includes one game type. The full version of includes all five game types:

1. 3 of a Kind – Group together vegetables, shapes, musical instruments and more!

2. The Missing Tile Game – Find which piece of the puzzle is missing.

3. The Color Game – Choose the correct color to match the different objects

4. The Wheel Game – Match the object to the person or profession, the animal to the food they eat and lots more.

5. The Mixed up Picture Game - Find the correct pieces to complete the picture.


6. The Hidden Picture Game - find what is hidden in the picture.

7. The Sound Game - Find out who makes this sound?


 The app focuses on early learning concepts through color recognition, matching games, numeracy   
Learning Games app contains 5 different game types, each has over 20 levels
 Fun animations and sounds for kids    Basic themes: colors, clothing, vegetables and fruit


English US
iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle

In App Purchase : $2.99

For all apps and mobile inquires please contact us at

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