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Get into the holiday spirit -
watch special seasonal episodes
of Billy BamBam, Emma's Theatre,
and many more.
Watch them wherever you go
this festive season!

  Sing along to your favorite
 Christmas songs.
Watch them wherever you go
with our BabyTV Music App.

Play & Learn App
  Watch special seasonal episodes and sing along
to your favorite Christmas carols.
Now on Roku!

Enjoy your time with the kids this holiday
with fun games and activities starring
BabyTV Characters.

   Wallpaper   Print and Color
   Decorate your desktop
 with one of our festive images
 to help get you in the
Christmas spirit!
  Your child will love these wintery
coloring images of their
favorite BabyTV characters! 
  Christmas Recipes

Join Baby Chef
and have some fun in the kitchen
by baking some Christmas
biscuits with your little ones.

  Send a personalised greeting card
 to friends and family
 featuring your baby’s image!  


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