Stuffed Eggs
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Stuffed Eggs

Stuffed Eggs

Ingredients : Eggs
A few pickled cucumbers
A red pepper for decoration
Salt and pepper
Cheffy the Chef says :

Boil the eggs with the help of mum or dad and peel them carefully.
Carefully slice the eggs in half and remove the egg yolks.
Take out the yellow yolk and put it in the bowl in front of you. Do it very carefully so that you don’t break the egg white, because we are going to need it later on.
Mash the egg yolks with a teaspoon.
Now add some diced pickles to the bowl with the eggs.
Add the mayonnaise to the bowl.
Add salt and pepper.
Mix everything together, very gently of course in the bowl!
Take a spoon with one hand and carefully fill the empty egg whites that we kept on the side, with the wonderful mixture we’ve prepared!
Very carefully so that the egg white doesn’t break.
Now decorate the eggs with some red pepper, you can just place slices of red pepper on your stuffed egg!
The wonderful thing about making stuffed eggs, is that you can put almost anything you want inside the eggs!

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