Chocolate Covered Corn Flakes
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Chocolate Covered Corn Flakes

Chocolate Covered Corn Flakes

Ingredients : 2 cups of corn flakes
1 chocolate bar
1 cup of water
Cheffy the Chef says :

Let’s make a bath for the chocolate:
What we will do is melt the chocolate using a hot water bath.
Fill half a pot with hot water. Now put a smaller pot inside the pot with water, and you have a bath for the chocolate.
Now break the chocolate into small pieces, and put them in the smaller pot.
Mix the chocolate gently until it melts.
Now spread the corn flakes on a flat plate.
Take a spoonful of chocolate and mix it with the corn flakes.
Now take the chocolate and corn flakes and roll them into a ball using your hands.
Arrange them nicely on the plate.
Put the plate in the fridge for half an hour.

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