White Hot Chocolate
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White Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate

Ingredients : 1 bar of white chocolate
1 cup of milk
A little bit of cocoa powder
White chocolate chips
Marshmallows - if you‘d like
Cheffy the Chef says :

Pour the cup of milk into a pot, ask mum or dad for help with this because the milk will get hot.
When the milk is nice and hot, pour it back into the cup.
Again ask mum or dad for help with this part.
Take a bar of white chocolate and break the chocolate into small pieces.
Take the pieces of chocolate and put them in the cup.
Mix the milk with the chocolate nice and slowly so that you don’t spill the milk.
Make sure you mix it very well so that the chocolate melts inside the hot milk.
If you like, you can add cocoa powder to the cup.
Cocoa powder makes the hot chocolate brown.
You can add marshmallows if you’d like and white chocolate chips as well.
Don’t forget that the hot chocolate is too hot to drink so wait a few minutes before drinking.

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