Royal Baby

*Competition only open to UK  residents over the age of 18

The Royal Name Game   

With the Royal Baby due in July, there’s already a lot of speculation about whether it will be a boy or a girl? People think Catherine let it slip that she’s having a girl but was that a double bluff? And what will the little prince or princess be called? Victoria for a girl and Charles for a boy, perhaps?

Isn’t it time we came up with some new names for our youngsters?

BabyTV is launching a competition challenging you to create a new name for a boy and a girl together with an explanation behind it e.g. Cathliam (a combination of Prince William and Catherine Middleton).

A Right Royal Prize  

The winning name – be it the cleverest or the one that makes us smile the most – will literally put your child in the picture with prizes you’ll want to keep forever.

One lucky winner will receive:

•   A framed portrait of your child in the style of their favourite BabyTV character.

•   A soft toy made in the likeness of your child’s cartoon.

•   The cartoon image on a series of memorabilia - a shirt/ a pillowcase/ a mug and a water bottle.


Promotion opens on 29/05/13 and ends on 28/06/13

This promotion is now closed

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