Dream With Kim

Theme: Bedtime


“A magical daydream adventure takes your little one for a delightful stroll, a ride on a horse or a swim with a dolphin. Come and see what it is like to have your head in the clouds and discover the stars, for in dreams, everything is possible.”

Toddlers are busy understanding rules- what's right, what isn't, what they can do now and what they have to wait for. This reality can sometimes frustrate them. This program deals with dreams where everything is possible, there are no rules, there is no right and wrong. These dreams allow us to disengage from reality and imagine new worlds.

According to the child's age, explain to them about dreams. Ask them to tell you a story that begins with "Last night I dreamt…" They will be able to tell you their wishes or fears. Remember – in dreams, anything goes; don't judge them and don't correct their story.

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