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For a chance to win a Tiny Tot Travellers product - either a Snack and Play Tray or a Kiddie Kangaroo - Simply answer the following question:

What are the names of BabyTV's two friendly Kangaroos?

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Competition ends on Dec 10th 2010.
Winners will be announced by December 31st
Prizes will be sent by January 1st 2011.

Kiddie Kangaroo

The Universal Seat Protector has the added bonus of adjustable pockets which provides easy to reach storage next to your child when traveling in their car seat, buggy, booster seat, and infant carrier while protecting their seat from those unfortunate spills and accidents. The waterproof material fits along the seat and up the back to help keep their seat clean. The pockets on each side have velcro strips to be placed where needed for best fit and offer a velcro divider that can divide the pockets for specialized storage or be folded flat to allow for larger items such as books and toys. The Pockets are also washable or just wipe clean and are easy to add and remove. Take the worry out of any accidents on your journey with a seat protector.

Snack and Play

This Car Snack and Play travel tray is a must for any journey long or short with your tiny tot, ever kept having to stop the car to pick up toys that have been dropped, heard cries of mummy my cup is on the floor or I'm bored-well look no further this unique snack travel tray attaches to virtually any car seat with an easy strap and clip system. Your child then has their very own tray for all their toys, food, drinks, activities.... the list is endless. The rim around the travel tray ensures things do not roll off- and the added side pockets are great for all those extra bits and bobs that come when travelling with children. The Snack and Play car tray is made from impact collapsing foam and a wipeable sturdy fabric ensuring both your child's safety and your sanity!

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