Jenny, USA

“My 6 month old daughter January loves BabyTV. Her favourite is Billy and BamBam and Pich and Poch. Her first tv show from BabyTV she watched was Billy and BamBam, my daughter learned a lot from that. We love BabyTV during the day, even at night. But we love the BabyTV channel, I don't know what we would do without it!."

Meyyammai, India

“My daughter Alagammai loves BabyTV a lot . She always wants to keep seeing it. Thank you BabyTV for developing her. Some of her favorites are Mixed Up Mary , Dreamy Nights and Paint A Story."

Joanita Monteiro, Pakistan

“I have a going to be twelve months old (on May 26, 2016) son he loves this channel since he was 3 months old! BabyTV is an excellent channel that provides interactive characters with splendid nursery rhymes for children, I believe it has developed his communication skills a lot. All the shows are very informative and made apt to baby's. Great work babyTV team. Unlike the other baby channels I feel BabyTV enhances the observation, communication and other motor skills of child. He really enjoys"

Lonnie Rymer, USA

“My son Owen loves BabyTV.  He is 10 months old and enjoys all the shows but his favorites are Hippa Hippa Hey & the Hokey pokey! thanks and keep up the great work!"


“My daughter Guadalupe loves BabyTV. She is sixteen months and likes watching Little Lola, Big Bugs Band and Kennie and Goorie. I think all the shows have a teaching objective and fulfill it completely. Thank you and keep up the good work."

Rakhi, Yuvaan's mother, India

“My son, Yuvaan who is turning 2Yrs tomorrow, is a big fan of your channel BabyTV. He loves all the characters.
He smiles often watching the funny activities by them. I am so thankful to babyTV to make my little munchkin smile."


Rajee, India

My daughter Varali, loves to watch BabyTV, I believe it has developed her communication skills a lot. All the shows are very informative and made apt to baby's. Great work baby TV team. Unlike the other baby channels i feel BabyTV enhances the observation, communication and other motor skills of child. Keep up the great work.. Looking forward for more productive shows from you.


Iffrah, UK

My son, Aahil loves all the shows on BabyTV specially the songs, which I have downloaded on cd for him to listen to in car journey. Now I find myself singing the songs to him. His started watching this since he was 3 months and now his 11months. BabyTV is helpful for me to keep him still to get ready in mornings and also to feed him. Now that his 1st birthday is coming up I have requested for his birthday clip to be presented on TV, hopefully he will be selected.


Arianne Salcedo, Philippines

My baby's name is Aiyana Zara, 10 months old and she loves watching BabyTV. Her favorite are Charlie and the numbers and Billy and Bam Bam. Every time she heard 1 2 3 45..6 7 8 9 10 she is always dancing. :) She is always focus in watching Billy and Bam Bam


neelam, India

Hi, I'm Neelam from India, my son Atharv is just 1.5 year old n he love to watch the BabyTV channel n he enjoy n dance in every ryhmes.

Anjali, India

My angel Anaaya is Two yrs and 9 months n absolutely adores watching baby tv. I'm so happy for all the lovely things she learns here.Thank u

Claire Groves, England

My 18month old boy loves BabyTV. He sits next to me quietly whilst any program is on. He tries to copy a lot of it too. Thank you.


Zoraida, USA

My son is 9months old and has been listening/watching BabyTV since he was only a month old. His favorites are in order The Bugs Band, Charlie and the numbers, Kenny & Gorie. It is a GREAT baby channel. We love it.

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