Billy Bam Bam

Billy and BamBam never get bored – they manage to find creative and fun ways to play with everything – leaves, bowls, socks and even oranges! This cute pair are sure to put a smile on your child’s face with their contagious laughter and cheerfulness. Each episode ends with an original and fun song written … Continued

Welcome to the Island

Far away, on a small island lived four friends. Coco, the wise coconut tree, Bucky the curious boulder, Lily the little flower and Blossom, the happy Papaya tree. You would think that not much happens on a small, remote island, but life on the island is full of joy and excitement, thanks to its occasional … Continued

Pix & Leo

Meet Pix, a lively and playful little Fox and her best friend Leo, a sleepy and curious Lion. Follow their funny adventures in the jungle as they laugh, play and learn about the world around them. They will meet their animal neighbours, explore different environments and discover that no matter the conflict, they will always … Continued

Beep Beep

Two cars and a road interact and find their friendship tested in each episode. Trucky is responsible, Voom Vam is adventurous and Roady is always worried; together they experience adventures, mishaps and sometimes funny misunderstandings.

Toto’s Kindergarten

Toto and his best friend Robbie are toys that come to life in a kindergarten after all the kids have gone home. The kindergarten transforms into an imaginative world where they discover what the kids did and learned in the kindergarten that day and experience wonderful adventures.


A little child plays imaginary games with her felt toys. Her hero is a little cactus who interacts with whatever comes his way. A new environment is created in each episode which forms challenging and funny situations for him to deal with.


Meet Raffa – a kind hearted giraffe who is always willing to help. That’s why Rafa’s friends turn to him whenever they have a problem – when they’ve lost something, when they’re sad, when they want to learn to dance,or even when they just can’t fall asleep. Raffa’s friends can count on him to solve … Continued

Snuggle Puppets

This series is about being a toddler and discovering new daily activities that kids around the world share – going to bed, going down a slide, playing hide and seek, brushing your teeth, having dinner, singing, baking cookies and more.


BabyTV’s favorite foursome, the “Cuddlies” present a series of entertaining stories from the world of the toddler. Join our charming friends and learn about co-operation, sharing and caring, as the foursome help each-other solve simple dilemmas in a delightful, cooperative way.

Yoyo the Magician

Yoyo and Darwin are the best of friends. As a practicing magician, Yoyo believes he can use his magic to comfort Darwin when he is upset. Though Yoyo’s spells don’t always go as planned, the friends always find a way to help each other out in this heartening series.


Pop and Piz are surprised when a visitor with unusual qualities visits their home. By interacting, exploring and learning to play with their visitor, Pop and Piz learn how to make new friends and discover something new about themselves in each episode.

Mitch Match

These cheerful puzzle pieces must find a way to fit together to create an object that will take part in an adventure. Watch as the enthusiastic group form a boat to carry a friend across the pond, or make a kite that flies up into the sky.