Big Bugs Band

Theme: Music and Arts


A spectacularly animated program in which a group of bugs puts on a unique musical performance for an audience of fellow animals in the woods. Each bug plays a different instrument – improvising, dancing and singing along while introducing viewers to a variety of musical styles including samba, jazz, hip-hop and more.

This series introduces a variety of unique musical sounds and musical styles. The more varied a child’s musical experience in their first years, the broader their abilities to appreciate and comprehend music will be. In addition, the musical improvisation included in the series is designed to encourage young children to experiment with their vocal abilities.

Form your own domestic orchestra! Use homemade instruments and make some music together – you can use a baby rattle, a wooden spoon and an empty plastic container, a shoebox and some rubber bands or some uncooked rice in a plastic pot. Remember it's fun to swap instruments from time to time!