Zeina’s Detective Agency

A highly familiar day-to-day object arrives at Zeina’s doorstep forgetting what it is used for. Searching for the answer, Zeina and her best friend Roy come up with a new and hilarious use for the surprised object. While they all have a great time with its new use, the object’s true use is revealed to … Continued

Walter & Dude

Dude can’t remember what he’s looking for. Good thing his friend Walter is always there to help. Listen as the pair describe each item and see if you can guess what it is.

Hippa Hippa Hey

A series in which three toys – Sophie the Doll, Hippa the Hippo and Bow Wow the Dog, go on an exciting journey into the marvellous world of amusement parks.

Teeny & Tiny’s Classroom

Teeny and Tiny are two happy and mischievous friends that share with us their riddles and games. The program consists of imagination games and role playing that enrich and develop creative thinking. As we follow the antics of the tiny friends, we discover shapes, colors and quantities.


Venture around the house or in the garden with the loveable Tulli and see the world through the eyes of a toddler. In each episode, Tulli examines an object from many different perspectives until he finally recognizes what it is. Viewers are encouraged to join in and help Tulli identify and name each item!

Puzzle Games

Two friendly puppets let us share in their delightful world , of fun games and easy puzzles which introduce the child to first concepts.

Egg Birds

In this uproarious dress-up series the Egg Birds have to guess what their friend Wally dressed up as…. And the audience is invited to participate!

Grandpa Joe’s Magical Playground

Grandpa Joe uses his magical building blocks to create wonderful and surprising animals and toys with the help of Joy, Dylan and his loyal dog Pepper. Listen out for Grandpa’s magic words which bring the blocks to life and the real fun begins.

The Snowies

Two snowmen are outside on their own playing a guessing game. Viewers are invited to guess along with them which animal they are sculpting in the snow.

Kenny & Goorie Meet Friends

Kenny & Goorie are full of surprises! You never know what they will pull out of their kangaroo pockets to help their friends and solve problems. Watch this amazing series to find out.

Kenny & Goorie

Two friendly kangaroos create surprises from objects they pull out of their pockets.

Mice Builders

Mice Builders are enthusiastically devoted to building their new house. When a messenger arrives with a package, they put down their tools and attempt to guess what’s inside. Once the mystery is solved and the object is set in its place, we all celebrate the achievement as the Mice Builder’s house is slowly assembled.