Jungle Book

The series follows Baloo’s forest school and its students – Mowgli, and the wolf-pups Leela and Gray; empowering them to become independent, discover their strengths, and overcome their weaknesses.

The World is a Wonder

Nature is full of wonder and surprises. The World is a Wonder is an exciting and intriguing show that encourages your little ones to learn and discover the magical transformations of nature with easy-to-follow visuals and imagery – the amazing life cycles of animals, how plants grow, the seasons of the year, how caterpillars turn … Continued

Snail Trail

Mr. Snail is a friendly explorer who ventures outdoors to investigate in the wild. On his journeys, Mr. Snail meets different animals and makes important discoveries about their lifestyle and habits by asking some very funny questions.

The Post Train

Join Fast Frank as he rushes off to deliver packages to his animal friends around the world. Through trial and error, Frank finally manages to find his friends in their natural habitat. Meet bears in snowy valleys, zebras in the savannah or camels in the desert. Frank is sure to deliver the package on time!

Animal Party

Join MJ the monkey and his cool, fabulous Grandma as she opens his eyes to the wildlife which surrounds them. She uses nature videos on her tablet, while MJ sputters out his curious and funny questions, making her laugh. Each episode ends with a riddle where everyone in the neighbourhood joins in the fun while … Continued

In the Animal World

Discover the magnificent and exciting world of animals! Explore their surroundings and learn where they live and what they eat. Fascinating facts await you In the Animal World

Zoe Wants To Be

A series of original motivational songs that describe the adventures of curious little Zoe. Wherever she goes, Zoe befriends the local animals and together they set out on a musical journey that involves singing, dancing, and learning about the new animals.

Tucky Tales

Join the hilarious adventures of Tucky, a parrot who ventures to different places around the world and tries to imitate the behaviours of local animals. Tucky learns something new with each amusing encounter, will you?


Get up close and personal with ducks, horses, sheep, tigers and more in this charming series about wildlife and nature. Join the friendly bees and watch live footage of fascinating animals in their natural environment.