Giggle Wiggle

Move along and dance with BabyTV! This series encourages kids to join in the fun, by imitating the dance routines that they see onscreen. With upbeat songs and rhymes, your little one won’t stop moving!

Dino & the Egg Hunt

BabyTV is going back in time to the days of the dinosaurs where two dinosaur eggs have disappeared from the baby dinosaur kindergarten. In each episode our heroes follow the egg trail on a mission to find the eggs and return them safely to the kindergarten.

Ahoy Pirates!

Playing “Pirates” is always fun, who doesn’t want to find a treasure chest? Three girl pirates on a pirate ship explore new lands and solve puzzles and riddles in order to find the treasure chest. The treasure chest is always filled with fun objects for having a party!

The Tiny Bunch

A lovable series that is all about friendship. Baby butterfly and his animal friends remember fun times they had together, like the day they went to the beach, the day they did magic tricks, or the day they played in a band! Together they manage to overcome any difficulties because they know that staying friends … Continued


Rocco the squirrel lives in the forest and faces new challenges in every episode. How to carry a juicy plum? How to cross a puddle? How to keep warm on a snowy day and much more. Young viewers can identify with Rocco’s challenges and share the joys of his success.

Mona & Sketch

Meet Mona – a curious and adventurous girl with a very special friend named Sketch. Sketch can’t talk but he sure knows how to draw. Every episode is a new adventure, where Mona uses her imagination to think of what she wants. Sketch enjoys teasing the adventurous Mona but eventually fulfills her wishes.

What A Wonderful Day

Daily routines have never been so fun! Is it playtime or bedtime? Time for a nap or time for lunch? Morning, afternoon, evening and night, sing along with fabulous new songs that make any time of day – fun time!


Oliver takes viewers to his favourite places around the house and his favourite outdoor spots for an adventure of hands-on learning. Like many curious toddlers Oliver climbs, jumps, touches and tastes everything he can get his hands on, while observing that in each location, similar shapes, sizes, and colours can be found.

Look What I Found

A small child enters a room and discovers a household object. The story takes place in the room as well as in the boy’s imagination, where each object turns into something surprising and fun. A shoe turns into a car, a piece of paper turns into an airplane and more! The series shows us how … Continued

Momento the Great Chef

Momento the great chef has a restaurant, three pickled friends and a loyal diner named Perfecto who arrives at the restaurant each day with a surprise in his basket. Momento always manages to make something delicious with what Perfecto has brought, even if he sometimes seems a bit clueless. The show intrigues kids to try … Continued

Stick with Mick

Mick sets out to explore and collect stickers for his sticker album. When he visits the beach, a ranch, a friend’s kitchen and more, Mick learns about the different locations and the objects that are associated with each place. Join Mick as he fills his album with memorable stickers and photos.

Maya & Yaya

Welcome to the playful adventurous world of Maya and Yaya, two plasticine elephants with very different personalities. The two friends support and encourage each other while overcoming obstacles and differences. Maya and Yaya solve their difference with kindness and empathy. The friends may start with a challenge or a competition but always end with a … Continued

Tipa Tupa

In this one of a kind dance series, two imaginary creatures pick up everyday objects and transport them into a fantasy world filled with colour, imagination, music, and movement. This series introduces the world of dance in a fun and imaginative way.

BabyTV Studios

BabyTV Studios brings to life historical events in a fun and interactive manner. The starring role is always reserved for your child to take part in these magical moments.

Do As I Do

Short clips with a group of colorful people and their animated mirror images.In this circus like atmosphere, the animated images try to imitate the movements of their human counterparts, who then challenge their animated images into performing more challenging, almost acrobatic feats.

Tiny Beats

In a fun game of hide and seek, a group of little ladybugs find one another by following the sounds coming from the different objects they are hiding behind. This fun-filled series helps children to realize that different objects produce different sounds.

Let’s Dance

Get off your couch and start to move! Kids will love to dance and move to energetic music while interacting with animated characters. Come join the beat!