About Us

BabyTV was conceived following a sleepless night spent rewinding a baby video at the demand of an unrelenting toddler. Our creators imagined a service which offered easy access to programming specifically designed for your youngest children around the clock. They felt that in today’s world where media use is so prevalent, there is a need to offer parents a televised service they can trust.
At BabyTV, we know what its like to be a parent. We therefore put together a dynamic team of content experts and childhood experts and created the first television channel adapted to the needs and abilities of growing babies and toddlers.
We know how important it is for parents to have safe and effective tools for learning and for play with their youngest child and this is what we endeavour to do. Our main focus is to develop high quality series that are designed to promote learning, activity and interaction in a fun environment.
BabyTV’s 24 hour channel was developed in 2003 and today reaches parents and children through major television platforms worldwide.
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