Friendship Week

A Week Of Celebrations For World Friendship Day With BabyTV!

Get ready for some ‘Friendship Fun’ as we celebrate World Friendship Day – across a whole week!


We’ll be celebrating the importance of what it means to have a friend on our app, with a new app collection centred around building friendships (July 25-31) and on our channel (July 30). Plus, we have also compiled 3 top friendship-building activities that you can try this week with your toddler!



Exploring and introducing friendship-building at a young age helps children develop vital life skills such as getting along with others (Mona & Sketch) sharing, resolving conflicts and helping to build confidence, comfort and general well-being in children’s early-years and beyond.
Pix & Leo is one of many series which explores basic emotions, working together and the joy of friendship from a child’s point of view.



1. Building Blocks


Set up a building blocks activity with blocks and establish a turn-taking routine between you and your toddler or with another little one. Once you’ve built your epic tower, work together to return all the blocks to where you got them from. This helps little ones learn about the importance of turn-taking and collaboration!



2. You’ve Got a Friend in Me


Pop on a friendship-based song or one of our special playlists songs that you and your little one can dance along to. Stop the music at various intervals – when the music pauses, your little one must give you a hug. If playing in a group setting, they must find a new friend and hug them. Then start the music again and bring on the dancing. This activity brings toddlers together emotionally and physically!



3. The Good Friend List

This is a simple verbal activity to play with your toddlers, where you ask your little one to list what qualities make a good friend.
Prompt them with ideas such as ‘someone who doesn’t yell’, ‘someone who smiles’, ‘someone who shares their toys’.


So whether you’re taking a trip to Toto’s Kindergarten to encourage your little one to play imaginary games with Toto and Robbie, or follow our trio of friends in Beep Beep in their adventures together, be sure to get involved this week!


Airing Times during Friendship Week: 

Europe (London time)
Asia (Singapore time)
USA (Mountain time)

Latin America (Caracas time):

07:30 Toto’s Kindergarten
07:35 Mona & Sketch
07:40 Cuddlies
07:46 Billy BamBam
07:53 Beep Beep


10:29 Pix & Leo
10:35 Gee-Raffa
10:39 Stitched (ep 1)
10:44 Toto’s Kindergarten
10:50 Cuddlies

13:30 Gee-Raffa
13:34 Mona & Sketch
13:39 Pix & Leo
13:44 Beep Beep
13:49 Cuddlies

07:27 Toto’s Kindergarten
07:32 Mona & Sketch
07:37 Cuddlies
07:43 Billy BamBam
07:49 Beep Beep


10:42 Pix & Leo
10:47 Gee-Raffa
10:52 Stitched (ep 1)
10:57 Toto’s Kindergarten



13:57 Gee-Raffa
14:02 Mona & Sketch
14:07 Pix & Leo
14:12 Beep Beep
14:17 Cuddlies

Share your little friends enjoying this week’s activities with the hashtag #BabyTV and #BabyTVFriends on our socials – we can’t wait to add more friends to the BabyTV community!


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