Little Lola Visits the City

Join Lola for fun adventures in the city as she discovers skateboards, fire trucks, how to cross the street, take a taxi and more! This series introduces the city environment and activities in a safe and enjoyable way with Lola and her friends.

Charlie & the Shapes

BabyTV’s successful format of learning new concepts is back with a third series – Charlie and the Shapes. Charlie continues to help his shapely friends with their problems and quests by creating new real life objects from his shape friends.

Charlie & the Numbers

Numbers and counting turn into a fun adventure when Charlie visits the Numbers Kingdom, a magical world in which numbers reign. Join Charlie as he meets each of the charming numbers, and enjoys the singing, dancing, and of course – counting in this captivating series that brings the concept of numbers and numeracy to life.

The Circus Comes to Town

The circus is in town! Join in and enjoy the show; watch the clowns perform traditional slapstick tricks, watch the acrobats, magicians and weight lifters perform. Through these performances, children will learn about basic concepts such as big and small, few and many, heavy and light and more.


The irresistible Draco plays with his toys and learns about the difference between big and small, high and low, up or down by investigating each concept in relation to himself. Is it bigger or smaller than Draco? Is it higher or lower than Draco? Join in and find out!

Flip & Flash

Baby Butterfly has finally landed his own show! Baby plays fun games with his friends in an exciting game show. Help him solve some tricky challenges! Can you find the odd one out or figure out what comes next?

Little Lola Visits the Farm

Join Lola for a fun and wacky day at the farm as she meets the animals and finds out about life on the farm. The cheerful animals are always happy to have fun and help Lola explore fruits, vegetables, vehicles, foods and more.


The Choopies are happy and adventurous Scouts. In each episode they receive an assignment from their scout leader and go on a mission to bring back a different object. When they return, the Scout leader puts together the separate objects; together they complete something they can all enjoy.

Charlie & the Alphabet

Charlie is back with new and exciting friends – the alphabet! Meet Charlie’s new Alphabet friends as they go on adventures together and learn letters and their sounds. The series exposes kids to the letters of the alphabet and identifies words beginning with these letters. The ABCs have never been more fun!

In the Giggle Park

Two curious kids play in a delightful playground as they discover the difference between near and far, on and off and more. They have so much fun they can’t stop giggling!

Tricky Tracks

Board the train on which each stop is an opportunity to meet new friends, play games, and practice basic mathematical skills. It’s fun to count, match, sort and help BabyTV’s friendly characters solve simple riddles on the train journey.

Louie’s World

Louie introduces viewers to first words by naming objects that belong to a similar category such as animals, toys, or musical instruments. Louie repeats the objects’ name and also uses the much-loved game of “peek-a-boo” to demonstrate the connection between the object and the name with which it is identified.