BabyTV Creativity Week Giveaway

BabyTV Creativity Week Giveaway Promotional Rules

We are offering up to ten (10) entrants the opportunity to win one (1) BabyTV Goody Bag.  The following rules should be read in conjunction with the instructions set out in the relevant promotional material.


How to enter:       

·       Download one (1) of the BabyTV activities from Pinterest.

·       Help your little one complete the activity

·       Share the completed activity via Instagram - tag @BabyTV, include hashtag #BabyTVCreativeStar & DM BabyTV directly with your submission

·       Posts will be moderated in accordance with the criteria set out in the promotional material and BabyTV’s brand values.  Posts will be published at BabyTV’s sole discretion.



Promotional Period:

Ends midnight GMT 29 May 2022


·        Unless otherwise stated, you must be +18 years to enter.  U18’s are not permitted to enter BabyTV Social Media promotions.

·        You must be a permanent resident of Europe.

·        You must have an active Social Media Account and access to Pinterest.

·        A broadband connection is required.

·        The content you submit must meet the requirements set out in the promotional material.


Winner Selection:

Up to ten (10) winners will be selected in a random draw following the closing date. 


Prize Details:

The prize is a BabyTV Goody Bag consisting or a selection of BabyTV stickers, crayons, chalk and 1 x colouring sheets pad.  Prize does NOT include insurance and should be arranged by the Winner at their own discretion.  Unless otherwise stated, prize is suitable for +3 year olds. 


Prize Fulfilment:

Thirty-five (35) days following receipt of delivery address.  You will only be contacted if your claim is successful.  Delays are expected to postal services due to the ongoing global pandemic, but we will contact you if delivery exceeds the period stated above.


Prize fulfilment is subject to:

(i)      winners being eligible for the prize (by way of example, the winner is within the age group advertised);

(ii)     winners claiming the prize by the date and time specified in the correct manner and;

(iii)    BabyTV verifying the entry. 

You must contact BabyTV and claim the Prize within the time period stated. Prizes are sent by registered post and require a signature.  Winners have one (1) month to claim the prize after which time, the prize will be withdrawn.  At BabyTV’s absolute sole discretion:  (i) Undeliverable/returned prizes – we will attempt to deliver twice, after which the prize will be withdrawn (ii) where we are not notified of unfulfilled prizes within (two) 2 months of the expected delivery date – we will withdraw the prize.

BabyTV has no responsibility to anyone who has not responded within the deadlines provided.


Social Media Account:



General Terms & Conditions


The Promoter is Baby Network Limited, 3 Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9PE (“Baby TV”).  If you have any questions please contact




By participating you agree to the requirements set out in the Competition Rules, the following General Terms and Conditions and all promotional materials.

  1. Eligibility.
    1. You must have a valid active Social Media Account and meet the Eligibility requirements set out above.
    2. Please always get the bill payer's permission before going online to enter.
    3. Not open to employees (or their immediate families) of BabyTV, its agencies or anyone else professionally associated with this competition.
    4. Maximum one entry per person unless otherwise stated. Entries via agents or third parties or use of multiple identities and email addresses are not permitted. Use of automated entries, votes or other programs is prohibited and all such entries (or votes) will be disqualified.
    5. Entries must be completed by the Closing Date.
    6. BabyTV reserves the right at any time to request proof of identity, to verify eligibility conditions, or to award any prize to the winner in person or a substitute.
  1.  2. Personal Information.
    1. Your personal information will be used in accordance with BabyTV’s current published Privacy Policy and may be passed to our agents to administer the competition or send out prizes. We may also use your personal information to promote the competition and BabyTV products and services (including the products and services of any partner sponsoring or otherwise participating in the competition) in any media including, without limitation, TV, online and publishing channels and social media platforms.
    2. Personal information will only be used for direct marketing purposes if you have consented to receive future marketing from BabyTV (you may have already done this if you have registered your personal information with BabyTV previously).
    3. By entering this competition, entrants agree that their information may be used by BabyTV to administer the promotion and winners consent to give their name and county for the winners’ list.
  2.  3. Winner Selection.
    1. For prize draws, the winner(s) will be selected in a random draw to take place within 10 working days (unless otherwise stated above) of the closing date from all correct/valid entries received.
    2. For prize competitions based on skill, winners will be selected by a judge or panel of judges based on the judging criteria set out in the Competition Rules or the competition only pages.
    3. For prize competitions which ask you to submit, upload or otherwise make available original content to be judged:
      1. BabyTV has the right but not the obligation to moderate all entries and reserves the right not to accept entries which are technically unacceptable, contain inappropriate material (i.e. material which is defamatory, obscene or otherwise offensive) or which breach any of these Competition Rules or General Terms and Conditions.
      2. By entering any competition you (and your parent or guardian if you are under 18) confirm and agree (aa) that you and they are the owner of the content submitted or have the necessary rights and permissions without the need for payment to any other person or entity, (bb) the content does not knowingly copy or infringe the rights of any other person (cc) that you have the permission of all individuals featured in the content and (dd) BabyTV is permitted to reproduce and use the entry submitted by you on any media (including without limitation, TV, online and publishing channels and social media platforms) anywhere in the world and without a time limit in order to carry out the competition and select winners (which may include publishing your personal information and your content for a public vote to select finalists or the winner and any runners-up) and for any and all related promotional purposes to promote the competition and to promote BabyTV in general without further notice to you, with or without attribution, and without the requirement of permission from or payment to you or any other person or entity.
    4. BabyTV reserves the right to choose a short-list of entries and publish these finalists on the competition page. Publication of any entry does not mean that you have won.
    5. Competition entries and/or shortlisted entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges and a winner (and runners-up) for each available prize will be selected according to the judging criteria set out in the Competition Rules or on the competition entry page. The judges shall have the sole and absolute discretion to decide on the award of each prize.
    6. BabyTV reserves the right to ask winners (or their parent or guardian) to sign a written release, request proof of identity and verify the entry before awarding any prize.
    7. BabyTV's decision to select any winner or runner-up is final and we reserve the right not to correspond on any matter.
  3.  4. Prize Confirmation & Acceptance.
    1. If at any time (i) we require a response from any winner [(or their parent or guardian)] before awarding any prize and no response is received after we have made reasonable efforts to make contact and within a reasonable period of time (or by the dates set out in the Competition Rules), or (ii) a winner (or their parent or guardian) declines to accept the prize; or (iii) BabyTV is unable to contact the winner’s parent or guardian; or (iv) the requested documentation stated in the Competition Rules is not received BabyTV in time; or (v) the winner becomes unavailable; BabyTV reserves the right to withdraw the prize entitlement and award the prize to a substitute winner chosen at the same time as the first name(s) were selected or judged to be a winner.
    2. Any prize which is returned or cannot be delivered will be used in BabyTV’s sole discretion for another competition or given to charity. BabyTV has no responsibility to anyone who has not responded.
  4. Prize Fulfilment.
    1. No cash or other alternative prizes are available, except that in the event of circumstances outside of its control BabyTV (and/or any sponsor partner providing any prize) reserves the right to substitute a similar prize of equal or greater value. Prizes cannot be transferred or sold, under any circumstance but can be transferred if a family member is entering on behalf of a child.
    2. Unless otherwise stated in the prize description, winners are solely responsible for all personal additional costs and expenses associated with claiming the prize.
  5. Cancellation or Disqualification.
    1. BabyTV reserves the right to disqualify:
      1. late, misdirected, incomplete, corrupted, lost, illegible or invalid entries;
      2. entries where appropriate parental authorisation or a requested release form is or was not provided; or
      3. entrants whose conduct (and/or whose Parent’s conduct) may bring BabyTV into disrepute (as BabyTV may decide in its discretion).
    2. BabyTV reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or terminate the competition or extend or resume the entry period or disqualify any participant at any time without giving advance notice and will do so if it cannot be guaranteed that the competition can be carried out fairly or correctly for technical, legal or other reasons or if BabyTV suspects that any person has been manipulating entries or the results, or has provided false information or has acted unethically in any other way.
  1. BabyTV’s Liability.
    1. For online entries or online public voting: BabyTV cannot guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the websites (including its Social Media, Twitter or other social media pages) and is not responsible for any disruption due to technical problems or otherwise due to events outside of its reasonable control. In the event of technical problems, entries or votes will be void and the winner will be selected by a panel of judges or such other fair method of selection.
    2. BabyTV has arranged this competition in good faith but, to the fullest extent allowed by law, accepts no responsibility for loss or damages as a result of anyone participating in the competition or any aspect of any prize awarded.
    3. BabyTV is not responsible for and does not endorse or guarantee, the opinions, views, advice or recommendations posted on its websites (including its Social Media, Twitter or other social media pages).


8. Entry through your Social Media account.

Any liability incurred by Social Media shall be governed by, and limited to, the applicable provisions of the Social Media Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. This promotion is not sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Social Media. By entering you are providing your information to BabyTV or its agents and not to Social Media. We (and/or our agents) will collect your unique Social Media User ID so that we can administer your entry i.e. record your entry and randomly select a winner.


  1. Email safety.

In the event that BabyTV wishes to contact you (or a winner’s parent or guardian) in connection with your entry we will do so via an email ending in '' or by phone with a follow up e-mail. Any email which appears to come from BabyTV but using a different ending (e.g., etc) should be treated with suspicion and forwarded to Customer Services. DO NOT respond or act on any e-mail if you are not sure that it comes from BabyTV. If you are in any doubt, please contact Customer Services.


  1. Publicity & Filming.
    1. Winners and/or runners-up may be required to participate in related publicity without further payment or permission but you agree that BabyTV may publish first name or surname and initial, age, town/city and/or likeness.
    2. If filming is required, the winners and/or their parent or guardian may be asked to consent to being filmed (the “Contribution”). If consent is given the winner and/or their parent/guardian acting on behalf of the winner who is a child shall assign to BabyTV all rights of whatsoever nature, including all copyright in respect of the Contribution and grant all further consents or licences necessary to enable the fullest use of the Contribution throughout the universe and without any time limit by any and all means in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter developed, without liability or acknowledgement.
  2. Winners' details.

BabyTV will, on request, make available information that indicates that a valid award took place.  For information regarding this competition send a stamped and addressed envelope to the Customer Services address on the competition entry page quoting “Winners List” and the name of the competition.


  1. No purchase necessary.


13. The laws of England and Wales apply and any disputes will be dealt with in the English courts only.


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