Values & Attributes

Created by parents for parents, BabyTV delivers innovative, high-quality content and services that focus on the development and well-being of growing babies and toddlers.

By addressing the needs and abilities of its delicate audience, and taking into account modern-day lifestyles and parenting routines, BabyTV is able to deliver an unmatched offering which addresses the entire spectrum of early learning skills and milestones that a child encounters in its first years.

BabyTV endeavours to establish its brand as a mark of safety and authority. It is a leader in a niche market; providing effective, enjoyable products and services that centre around the magic and wonder of experiencing the world for the first time through the eyes of a child.

BabyTV is committed to the continued development of tools that are interactive, development-oriented and fun for parents to share with their children, and places care, attention and love in all they do.

Unique IP and Original Content

BabyTV is the creator and owner of its award-winning graphic IP (Gold Promax USA, Children’s Channels, 2004), and its innovative screen media - all geared towards development, activity, fun and increased tparent-child interaction.


Playful and fun, the BabyTV Butterfly approaches the world with his soft, curious eye, and a bright smile. BabyTV Butterfly represents the magic and wonder of discovering the world for the first time, and his friendly spirit provides a familiar reminder of the infinite joy of seeing the world through the eyes of a child.



Please contact us for more information on the BabyTV brand.

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