Little Cabin in the Woods

Theme: Nursery Rhymes


Little cabin in the woods
Elephant by the window stood
Saw Little Rabbit walking by
Knocking at the door
“Help me, help me, help me” he said
“Which one of these fruits are red?”
“Strawberry, Banana, Plum or maybe the Apple?”
Elephant smiled and then she said
“Don’t you worry my dear friend”
“Let’s check all the fruits, that you brought”

“This apple’s green, a Banana’s yellow
a plum’s purple and sweet like Jell-O
The only fruit that’s red, is the Strawberry”
“Thank you! Thank you!” Rabbit said
“Now I know that the Strawberry’s red
Plum is purple, The apple’s green
and Banana’s yellow”
“Colorful and yummy too
Can I eat these fruits with you?”
“Sure you can my dear friend!
It’s fun to eat together”
Little cabin in the woods
Elephant in the kitchen stood
Slicing the most delicious fruits
For her and Little Rabbit!

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