Rainy Afternoon

Theme: What a Wonderful Day


Afternoon has come and it’s raining outside
We better run, let’s go home and hide
Let’s sit by the fire, drink some tea
Lovely time for you and me

Maybe we’ll go to the kitchen and bake
Bread, biscuits or even a cake?
Perhaps a fruit salad with apples and pears
So many yummy things to prepare

It’s the afternoon and it’s raining some more
Let’s take our blocks and sit on the floor
Let’s build a train and drive over the tracks
Over the bridge, and under and back

Maybe we’ll read a wonderful book?
Let’s open it up and take a look
A book about daring queens and kings
And a magical dragon that dances and sings
Afternoon has come and it’s raining again
Let’s play with our dolls and toy airplanes
It’s often fun to relax and stay inside
Where we can play and run and hide

Pa pa da da da….

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