Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Easy Craft Ideas For Two Year Olds

Children love to craft and create! Even if it’s messy, crafting with your toddler sparks imagination, creativity and helps them to discover and learn new things.

Here are ten easy craft ideas* using items easily found around the house to create works of art with your little one.


1. Nature Collage


A nature collage is a great craft to do with your toddler in the spring. Head to the garden or local green space and collect some flowers, twigs and leaves. Using PVA glue and a piece of card or paper, stick on what you have collected to create a natural collage. If your toddler enjoys this creative activity, they’re going to love watching series like Crafty Rafty or Stitches.


Crafty Rafty uses everyday items to create scenes and Stitches features characters made from felt and buttons!



2. Caterpillar Suncatcher


A great indoor craft is the caterpillar suncatcher. Stick 5 coloured lids to the window. To create the features, use black pipe cleaners (to create the legs), googly eyes, tape, scissors, markers (to add the smile) and glue dots. Guide your toddler to add the features and finish off this friendly caterpillar.



3. Textured Bunny


If you are looking for a craft that is also a sensory activity, textured bunny is a great one for your 2 year old. Start by cutting a bunny out of card. Mix shaving foam and PVA glue together, roughly a 1 part glue to 3 part shaving foam, and paint. When the mixture dries, this will stick out on the piece of bunny, almost looking like fur. If you want to add colour, use a few drops of food colouring - and if you need any colour inspiration, Pierre the Painter is your go-to man!



4. Paper Cup Flowers 


Another great spring activity is paper cup flowers. Using a paper cup or a toilet roll tube and paint, paint the inside of the cup. Once dry, cut half-an-inch wide tabs around the cup and bend back to create the petals. To create a flower chain, poke a hole through the centre and thread together using a piece of string.


5. Binoculars


If your two year old likes to play outside, they will love creating their very own binoculars. Glue two toilet roll tubes together. Decorate the binoculars using different craft items such as paint and glitter and attach a piece of string. Your toddler will love looking at the birds and plants in your garden - just like Rocco, this will help them to demonstrate curiosity and initiative too!


6. Giant Self Portrait


A giant self portrait is a great craft idea for two year olds who love to colour. Using a large roll of craft paper, trace a line around your toddler. Using felt-tips, crayons, markers, etc. they can colour themselves in, adding outfits, a face or whatever they feel inspired to do!


7. Egg Carton Crab


Using an empty egg carton, cut out one of the egg cups. Paint the egg carton and add pipe cleaners for the legs. To create the claws, twist the pipe cleaners into a claw shape and attach using a hot glue gun. Add googly eyes to finish off your egg carton crab.



8. Pasta Necklace


For a pasta necklace, all you need is three things: pasta, a piece of sting and paint. Using pasta, such as Rigatoni, thread each piece onto a piece of string. Using your toddlers favourite colours, paint each piece of pasta. You could also add glitter, feathers or any other craft items.


9. Squirt Gun Painting


What could be more fun than a messy craft! Squirt gun painting is an outdoor activity involving a squirt gun, paint, water and a piece of card. Tape a piece of card onto a flat surface, ideally a wall. Mix paint and water together to create a thin liquid and fill up the squirt gun. Your toddler can use the squirt gun to create splatter art.


10. Liquid Chalk


Another outdoor activity is liquid chalk. Mix together cornstarch, vinegar, water, baking soda, and food colouring (there isn’t an exact measurement) and add into a sauce bottle. Your two year old can paint the driveway or pavement. This will easily wash away without leaving any marks.


And there you have it, ten easy craft ideas for two year olds! Tag us (@BabyTV) in your photos of your toddler’s craft creations and get involved over on our socials!







*Disclaimer: Please ensure that all activities are done under parental supervision.