Spanish Shows

Spanish Shows for Toddlers


Did you know you can find BabyTV shows available in over 20 languages, including Spanish! Our huge range of Spanish langage episodes for toddlers and kids cover many different areas including activities, early years, numeracy, nursery songs and imagination-based fun. Your toddler will love to learn, play and dance with all of our BabyTV characters.


Our preschool shows cover all age ranges from under 1s up to three/four years old and beyond, so you can watch and enjoy our Spanish series together with your toddlers on the BabyTV channel and access Spanish and other languages via our BabyTV app.


Charlie & The Shapes



Meet Charlie! Join Charlie as he learns about and helps his shape friends, by using their shapes to solve problems and other quests. Whilst watching Charlie & The Shapes, your little one can discover different types of shapes and introduce them to colours (i.e the red circle and yellow star). You can also watch BabyTV’s other Charlie character series such as Charlie & the Numbers and Charlie & the Alphabet.


Bath Tubbies



Another of our favourite Spanish language shows perfect for tots and toddlers is Bath Tubbies. Ellie, Frogy and Ducky are sure to be your little ones new bathtime friends! Together they play with tickly bubbles, learn about floating and create fun new games with shampoo bottles, soap and more during bathtime - who knew getting clean coud be so much fun! 



The Tiny Bunch



Join Baby Butterfly and her animal friends as they remember all the fun times they have had together, like going to the beach and performing magic tricks. Baby Butterfly and her friends learn and discover how to deal with events, how to stay positive and to keep trying. Check out The Tiny Bunch on BabyTV.


Pix & Leo



Meet a playful fox named Pix and her best friend Leo. Exploring different environments and meeting their animal friends, join them on their adventures through the jungle as they play, laugh and learn together. Pix & Leo will introduce your toddler to basic emotions and common scenarios that come with forming and building friendships.


Little Lola Visits The City



Join Lola and her friends as she visits the city and explores a new environment! Lola discovers new things about the city including skateboards, taxis and fire trucks. The show introduces the city environment to your little one in a fun and engaging way.


Mona & Sketch



Join Mona & her friend named Sketch on their adventures using Mona’s imagination. Sketch draws anything that Mona is thinking of but has some fun playing with her along the way. Mona can be anything she can think of and so can your little one!